EmailTimers API

Font List

“Baumans-regular”, “Candal”, “Comfortaa-bold”, “Comfortaa-light”, “Comfortaa-regular”, “Lato-black”, “Lato-blackitalic”, “Lato-bold”, “Lato-bolditalic”, “Lato-hairline”, “Lato-hairlineitalic”, “Lato-italic”, “Lato-light”, “Lato-lightitalic”, “Lato-regular”, “Lobstertwo-bold”, “Lobstertwo-bolditalic”, “Lobstertwo-italic”, “Lobstertwo-regular”, “Monda-bold”, “Monda-regular”, “Oswald-bold”, “Oswald-light”, “Oswald-regular”, “Poiretone-regular”, “Sanchez-italic”, “Sanchez-regular”, “Ubuntu-bold”, “Ubuntu-bolditalic”, “Ubuntu-italic”, “Ubuntu-light”, “Ubuntu-lightitalic”, “Ubuntu-medium”, “Ubuntu-mediumitalic”, “Ubuntu-regular”, “Yanonekaffeesatz-bold”, “Yanonekaffeesatz-extralight”, “Yanonekaffeesatz-light”, “Yanonekaffeesatz-regular”

Language List


TimerType List

“Box Clock”, “Circular Countdown”, “Flipping Timer”, “Screen Timer”

Using cURL

If you are using cURL to call the API, you must include the resource URI in quotes when you pass in multiple query parameters separated by an &.
For Example

curl -v \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: b1e6121af682eedca2a91331410c2807" \
-X GET ""

These are the valid request options to Create a countdown timer:

Field Type Description Required Notes
name string Name of the countdown timer yes Maximum length – 100 bytes. Example: Big Sale!
end_date string Datetime in format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. yes Example: 2016-07-24 20:00:00
time_zone string Standard timezone identification string. yes Example: America/New_York.
font_name string Font Family name no Example: Roboto-Bold
primary_color string Hex color code no Example: 9c0000
text_color string Hex color code no Example: cc0000
background_color string Hex color code no Example: FFFFFF
language_name string Language no Refer Language List
local_lang Boolean Whether or not to use the dynamically adapts to the local language. no This feature is available with any of our premium plans.
distributed_text_colors Boolean Wether to use diiferent colors for timers days,minutes,second yes True or False
days_color string Hex color code no Example: 9c0000
hours_color string Hex color code no Example: 9c0000
minutes_color string Hex color code no Example: 9c0000
seconds_color string Hex color code no Example: 9c0000
timer_type_name string Skin Of Timer yes Refer TimerType List
exclude_days String Include or excludes days in timers Yes Valid values are “yes” Or “no”
expired_timer_action String Timer expired image yes Valid values are “custom_etm”,“zeros”,”hide”
expired_timer_custom_message Message desplay after timer expired yes Your Custom message maxlength 12
EmailTimers Create

Method: Post

"end_date":"2016-12-31 20:00:00",
"expired_timer_custom_message":"Deal Expired",
"timer_type_name":"Circular Countdown",


"status": "success",
"message": {
"id": 98,
"src": ""
EmailTimers Update

Method: Post
params: Id of timer to which you want to update

Deactivate EmailTimers

Method: Post

Activate EmailTimers

Method: Post

Duplicate EmailTimers

Method: Post

List all EmailTimers

Method: Get

Using Postman

If you use Postman you can click the following button to import the EmailTimers API as a collection: