Where can these timers be used?

These timers are designed to be used in email messages to create a sense of urgency. They are not intended for embedding on web pages.

What happens when the countdown timer expires?

In the basic plans the timers simply expire with 00:00:00, however on higher level plans there are other options including calls to action that can be used at the expiration of the timers.

What can be customized in the timer?

You can customize the font style, color, weight, background colors and the style of your email timer.

How do these Email Timers work?

At it's most basic level the timers are embedded .GIF images that are linked from your email messages to our web servers. We serve the timers in real time to reflect the current time left in your promotion or timer.

Do you limit the number of timers that can be created?

You can create an unlimited number of individual timers in your account, different plans have different styles and features. You are only limited to the number of impressions that your timers are viewed.

Do you support transparent timers?

Yes, you can select a transparent background for the timer however due to the technology limitation of GIF encoding the quality of the timer degrades to the point where you would not want to use it. We suggest matching the background of the timer to the background of your email message using Hex codes.